Nibe Domestic boilers

One boiler for each type of energy – or one for them all?

Choosing the right type of energy to use to heat up your home and hot water can be a tricky decision. Oil and electricity must be considered the most convenient forms of energy. For those who don’t mind spending a little time on their heating system then pellets and wood are excellent options in terms of heat and economy. Both pellets and wood are environmentally friendly alternatives, as they do not contribute to the green house effect.

If you want freedom in the future and choose not to restrict yourself to a single type of energy, one of our NIBE combination boilers is an excellent choice. It means that you are covered against sudden price increases and can always choose the most economical option at every juncture.

Quality, security and economy – this is what NIBE represents.

NIBE has manufactured heating products for half a century. We know what works and what doesn’t work – and we make a point of always being one step ahead with regard to quality, security and economy.

Domestic boilers are Swedish products from top to bottom. Having been developed and manufactured in Sweden, these systems are perfectly designed to suit our climate. The entire production process has received quality and environmental certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

As we are in the habit of not promising more than we can deliver, you can rest assured that if it says NIBE on your chosen product – it will do what it promises.

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