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NIBE Energy Systems

NIBE Energy Systems is the market leader for domestic heating products in the Nordic countries, Poland and the Czech Republic. Customers are the RMI sector (Renovation, Maintenance, Improvement) and the new housing market.

The parent company NIBE Industrier AB (registered office in Markaryd, Sweden) has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O list since 1997.

NIBE Industrier is a European heating technology company whose business operations are organised in three separate business areas: NIBE Element, NIBE Energy Systems and NIBE Stoves.

NIBE Stoves

NIBE Stoves is the market leader in wood-burning stoves in Sweden. Customers are private homeowners in the new and existing housing market and in the holiday homes sector.

NIBE Element

NIBE Element is the market leader in Northern Europe and a leading European manufacturer of components and systems for electric heating applications. Customers are industrial users and components users.

Our customers can rely on us

  • The basic principle is that all our customers can always have full confidence in us and our products. That is why we place so much emphasis on quality as an integral part of the Group’s corporate culture and everyday operations.
  • Quality assurance plays a crucial role for the future development of the Group and is a decisive factor behind our customers’ choice of NIBE’s products and services.
  • We must meet customer expectations of quality and, where possible, surpass them.

We have our sights set on “zero errors”

  • Quality control is based on the “zero errors” principle at every single stage in all our processes.
  • Development work aims to create products that meet customer expectations in the right way and that can be manufactured according to the ”zero errors” principle.
  • The “zero error” principle is to be integrated into purchasing, production, distribution and service. The principle must be verifiable.

We work on continual improvements

  • Our employees are given training in quality issues and share a responsibility to take an active role in the work of implementing continual improvements.
  • Second only to the measures we take to protect people and the environment, quality issues are given top priority whenever a fault or defect is discovered or when there is a risk of a fault or defect occurring.
  • All NIBE companies work systematically to ensure that their operations are well organised and well run. The quality systems at our production and R&D units are to be certified to comply with ISO 9001 or an equivalent quality management system.

We make demands on our suppliers

  • The quality criteria relating to the products and services that the Group buys in from external partners or outsources to sub-contractors must correspond to the criteria that we require our own operations to meet.
  • A supplier’s quality management processes are evaluated before we sign any agreements. We clearly state our quality criteria and carry out regular evaluations to determine compliance.
  • We regularly evaluate the market’s and individual customers’ perceptions of the quality of NIBE’s products and services, and document the results. We react swiftly to the results of these evaluations.


Box 14
Hannabadsvägen 5
285 21  Markaryd
Tel: 0433 - 73 000
Fax: 0433 - 73 190

How to get to NIBE in Markaryd

Head office

Box 14, Järnvägsgatan 40
285 21  Markaryd
Tel: 0433 - 73 000, Fax: 0433 - 73 190

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