Nibe Storage tanks

Storage tank for all the hot water you need


  • Modular expandable tank system
  • Great flexibility with many installation options
  • Connections for external heat source for both charging and discharging of energy. This permits further installation options.
  • Can be used for almost all types of preheating of hot water
  • High hot water capacity thanks to the long stainless steel hot water coil
  • Integrated solar coil for solar panels of up to 10 m² area


  • Volume expansion tank for use with AHPS

Container for hot water storage

Suitable for detached houses, rented homes, industrial premises and leisure facilities, NIBE AKIL 500 is a copper-lined steel container for hot water storage. Ideal for use in large properties with narrow inlet opening and low ceilings.

The accumulator is designed for horizontal installation and can be stacked vertically (maximum 3 units) as a simple way of achieving a high volume in spaces that are otherwise difficult to utilise.

All the connections are located at one end, which facilitates parallel connections.

NIBE AKIL is supplied with 40 mm insulation. The sides and connection-free end are insulated with moulded, freonfree polyurethane; the end with the connections is insulated using two insulation halves. In apartment blocks, sports halls, schools etc, the norm is low water-usage levels combined with short-term levels of high usage. In order to limit the boiler output in such systems, you can combine NIBE AKIL 500 with a heat exchanger, supplied separately.

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