Ground surce heat pump

NIBE F1145 is a ground source heat pump for heating single and multi-family houses and industrial buildings. 

The latest generation NIBE ground source heat pumps are not only more efficient than previous models, but have also been designed for user friendly operation.

  • Extraordinarily high efficiency (COP)
  • Extremely installer-friendly
  • Modular system for service friendliness
  • Multicolour display with user instructions and multilingual support
  • Remote control via GSM (accessories)
  • Scheduling (indoor comfort and hot water as
  • well as cooling and ventilation)
  • Universal connection interface (1xUSB-port)
  • Remarkably low sound level
  • Low energy DC circulation pumps (A)
  • Elegant, timeless and international design

New improved generation:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Speed controlled circulation pumps for optimized heating and hot water charging
  • Improved installer friendliness
  • Master/slave compatible with up to nine pcs in cascade and in combination with NIBE F1345
  • NIBE Uplink compatible

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