Nibe Solar Energy

The solar thermal collector FP215 is a high class collector with a serpentine laser welded selective absorber and innovative lightweight design.

The collector has a empty weight of only 32,5 kg and high thermal efficienciy due to an exceptional insulation solution.

The combination of high temperature resistant PIRPlate and rock wool insulation allows a flat collector height of only 81 mm.

These solar collectors will let you enjoy the free energy that the sun offers for many years.

NIBE premium solar packages for NIBE F1145 heat pump & NIBE VPAS tank

  • Solar system tailor-made to give optimum performance with the NIBE F1145 ground source heat pump combined with the VPAS tank.
  • Lightweight, high efficiency panels.
  • Easy to handle panels with quick connections.
  • The solar controlling accessory (solar 40) enables all the solar controlling functions to be done by the heat pump.
  • Only one display is needed.
  • Solar functions and temperatures can also be reached in the same way as other functions via the remote control accessory (SMS 40)
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